Stern Gear

Using innovative designs our products

provide maximum power with maximum efficiency.

smi has an extensive range of propeller nuts, including cone nuts, castellated nuts and propeller nuts fitted with anodes. In addition a large range of sterngear equipments are available to suit most requirements including Nyloc nuts. Our custom and standard stern gear products include Tail shafts, Intermediate shafts, Shaft half couplings, Flexible couplings, Stern tubes, Shaft glands, Seals, Outer bearing, Rudders, Anchors, Mechanical and Hydraulic Winches, Bearings Cut less Rubber bushes, Zinc Anode, Water strainers, Reefing gear for yatches etc… Also, smi supplies a range of water strainers that are well designed and suitable for a variety of applications. The Aqua lube range of rubber sleeved and flanged bearings are designed for both marine and industrial applications. The bearings feature a specially formulated rubber, molded into various shell materials.

Stuffin Box


Ball Valve

Cone Nut

Stuffin Box



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